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This is xmpp (jabber) game client named after Great Metal band Man'o'War.

FlManowar is cross platform jabber board game program (including AI games too). It work on Linux,Windows and known to works on Mac OS X.



20.11.2011pbManowar - port of flManowar-2 for PocketBook Pro readers.

15.05.2010flManowar-3.0.0_alpha2 is released. This is unstable alpha version.

  • Net Checkers works.
  • Reversi is included. net reversi seems to work (not well tested)

14.11.2009flManowar-3.0.0_alpha is released. This is unstable alpha version. Core rewrite - it now use plugins for games (in alpha only battleship works ( net checkers not finished yet, planing on 3.0.0 release)

20.07.2009yacheckers-1.0 released. Standalone checkers - next candidate for including in flManowar after network game will added see checkers page

23.06.2009flManowar-2.1.1 released. Add i18n via gettext, move to autotools, add Russian documentation.

12.02.2009flManowar-2.1.0 released. It include now ability to play through xmpp and basic jabber client. Also flManowar registred at sourceforge

27.01.2009flManowar-2.0.0 released under GNU GPL



pbMan'o'waR binaries

pbMan'o'waR sources

You can download current development source code.

You latest stablet source code, or check sourceforge download page or fireforge download page for more dowloads


  • add more board games
  • split core and GUI
  • make mobility edition of java code

histoty of my battleship

  • 2008flMan'o'WaR open by GNU GPL
  • 2008 - rebirth of flMan'o'WaR
  • 2005 - first fltk vercions
  • 1999-2001 - Allegro and Win32 vercions
  • 1998 - first version: Dos Borland C++ 3

You can now play online jMan'o'WaR - revisited (and recompiled) 2005 year java version

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