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PocketBook text editor

π (pi)

π (pi)

π (pi) - Pocketbook edItor is simple text editor for PocketBook eink readers

  π works by the next scheme: File is loaded as a list of lines. You can edit only one line at the same time. You must select desired line and than pres OK button or click line if you have touch screen model. The keyboard is called with selected line in the edit box wich you can edit. Than you need close keyboard to accept or reject modifications. After that you can select an other line to edit.You also can copy, insert, delete lines, add new lines import an other file after selected line.Menu is called by long OK or long tap by stilus.There are some other functionality in PI such as find dialog, displaying lines numbers, goto line.


24.10.2012Pi v1.1.0 is released.

  • Autosave.

18.04.2012Pi v1.0.2 is released.

  • Bug fixes release.

29.02.2012Pi v1.0.1 is released.

  • Bug fixes release.

16.02.2012Pi v1.0.0 is released.

  • Case insensetive search.

11.02.2012Pi v0.9.99 and pbtk-0.1.1 is released.

  • Key bindings.
  • Insert file after selected line.
  • Bogomil's outline mode.

4.02.2012 pbtk-0.1 is released.

28.01.2012Pi v0.9.3 and pbtk-0.1_rc1 is released.

  • Wrong double pointer event fixed.
  • Update of combobox on pointer event fixed.

20.01.2012Pi v0.9.2 and pbtk-0.1_pre20120120 is released.

  • File filters in file chooser.
  • Copy/insert lines.

10.01.2012Pi v0.9.1 and pbtk-0.1_pre20120110 is released.

  • Bug fixes release.
  • New Goto Line dialog.
  • Dialog closing by KEY_BACK.

20.12.2011Pi v0.9 and pbtk-0.1_pre20111220 is released.

  • Fix recent files menu crash on 301+.
  • Search dialog.
  • Some reorganizations in pbtk.

11.12.2011Pi v0.8 is released.

  • Remember recent files.
  • Add support for russian speciffic encodings.
  • File chooser fixes.

04.12.2011Pi v0.7 is released.

  • Save setting.
  • Dinamic menu.
  • File chooser for saving.

30.11.2011Pi v0.5 is released.

  • Undo.
  • Font selection.
  • Orientation.
  • Some command line options.
  • Split pbcontrol to pbtk.
  • ...

27.11.2011Pi v0.2 is released.

  • Open file by long OK in filechooser.
  • Optional show line numbers.
  • Go to desired line.
  • Show full path in file save dialog.
  • Use monospace font.
  • ...

25.11.2011Pi v0.1.1 is released. Add NEW to menu.

25.11.2011Pi v0.1 is released


Current release

π binaries for old devices

π binaries for Pro, 360+ and other new devices

π sources

For pbtk code check this place


  • save options
  • add redo
  • ...

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